TVO’s leadership team is committed to delivering the highest quality content and services to create engaging learning experiences for all Ontarians.

TVO Leadership

Board of Directors

(as of June 15, 2021)

TVO’s Board of Directors governs the activities of the organization’s executive team while ensuring value for all Ontarians.

Chris Day
President, Winston-Wilmont Inc. (Ottawa)

Chair of the Board
09 Jan 2020 – 28 Aug 2022
Term: 29 Aug 2019 – 28 Aug 2022
Remuneration: $16,362.50

Ravina Bains
Vice President, Canadian Business Banking & Scotia Wealth Management Sales Integration (Toronto)

Vice-Chair and Chair of the Finance & Risk Management Committee
Term: 16 Apr 2020 – 15 Apr 2025
Remuneration: $2,150.00

Steve Cassar
Principal, Cassar Communications (Barrie)

Member, Governance Committee
Term: 29 Aug 2019 – 28 Aug 2022
Remuneration: $1,093.75

Thérèse Culnan
Executive Financial Services professional (Innisfil)

Member, Finance & Risk Management Committee
Term: 06 Aug 2020 – 05 Aug 2025
Remuneration: $1,400.00

Conway Fraser
CEO and Managing Director, Fraser Torosay Inc. (Waterloo Region)

Chair of the Governance Committee and Digital Transformation Committee
Term: 07 Mar 2019 – 06 Mar 2022
Remuneration: $2,668.75

Stephanie Lu
Co-Founder, Good Doctors Medical (Toronto)

Member, Finance & Risk Management Committee
Term: 29 Aug 2019 – 28 Aug 2022
Remuneration: $1,093.75

Jo-Anne Poirier
President and CEO, Victorian Order of Nurses (Ottawa)

Member, Finance & Risk Management Committee
Term: 22 March 2017 – 02 Sept 2022
Remuneration: $3,018.75

Patrick Rogers
CEO, Music Canada (Toronto)

Term: 06 May 2021 – 05 May 2024
Remuneration: $0.00 (N/A)

Kadie Ward
Pay Equity Commissioner (Parry Sound)

Member, Digital Transformation Committee
Term: 07 May 2020 – 06 May 2022
Remuneration: $1,443.75

Terms ended during the 2020-21 year

Bilal Khan
Managing Partner & Head of Deloitte Data (Toronto)

Member, Audit Committee
Term: 26 Apr 2017 – 25 Apr 2020
Remuneration: $0.00 (N/A)

Thando Hyman
Educator and Principal, Toronto District School Board (Toronto)

Member, Governance Committee
Term: 18 Oct 2017 – 17 Oct 2020
Remuneration: $393.75

The total honorarium paid to the Board in 2020-21 was $29,625.00. This amount is based on levels of remuneration set by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

  • 8.1M Ontario viewers

8.1M Ontario viewers

More than 8.1 million Ontarians watched TVO this year.

TVO Leadership

Executive Team 

(as of June 15, 2021)

TVO’s executive team leads the organization in delivering excellence in all that we do.

Jeffrey Orridge

Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Hinshelwood

Chief Operating Officer

John Ferri

VP, Programming & Content

Owen Lambert

VP, Product, Innovation

& Monetization

Mitch Patten
VP, Stakeholder Engagement & Corporate Communications

Todd Slivinskas
Chief Technology Officer

Rashmi Swarup
VP, Digital Learning and Education Partnerships

Mara Tramontin
Acting VP, Finance

Julia Vrabec
VP, People & Culture

  • 3.1M articles read

8.1M Ontario viewers

This year, Ontarians read more than 3.1 million articles on TVO.org.

TVO Leadership

Regional Councillors’ Advisory Board

(April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021)  

TVO’s volunteer advisory board includes people from communities across Ontario who provide valued input and feedback and contribute to the organization’s outreach efforts. 

Current Members 

Lise Moore Asselin
CEO, John Dixon Public Library (Mattawa, Ontario)

Lesley Bell
Volunteer (Thunder Bay, Ontario)

Jorge Campos
Member of ADR of Canada (Willowdale, Ontario)

Sara Chaudhry
Educator (Toronto, Ontario)

Lucianna Ciccocioppo
Director (Toronto, Ontario)

Marcia Cunningham
Educator (Toronto, Ontario)

Jenna Goldberg
Educator (Thornhill, Ontario)

John Gregory

Educator (Toronto, Ontario)

Sona Khanna

Business Owner (Oakville, Ontario)

Alanna King

Educator (Elora, Ontario)

Alyssa Lai

Corporate Communications Consultant (Hamilton, Ontario)

Rick McCutcheon

Publisher (Little Current, Ontario)

Elizabeth McDonald

Board Member (Ottawa, Ontario)

Tinashe Mafukidze

Managing Director (Toronto, Ontario)

Kris Meawasige

Educator (Ottawa, Ontario)

Melanie Mulcaster

Educator (Oakville, Ontario)

Tamara Needham

CEO, Marathon Public Library (Marathon, Ontario)

Upali Obeyesekere

President, Canada-Sri Lanka Business Council (Toronto, Ontario)

Frank Paul

Communications Professional (Toronto, Ontario)

Ruth Reyno

Registered Psychotherapist (Madoc, Ontario)

Barb Rodezno

Director, Strategic Communications, Marketing and Outreach (Toronto, Ontario)

Christopher Rous

Retired Principal (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario)

John Storm

Chair, Niagara Workforce Planning Board (St. Catharines, Ontario)

Melony Ward

Director (Toronto, Ontario) 


We extend our thanks to Colleen Rose, an educator from Red Rock, Ontario, who served on the Regional Councillors’ Advisory Board from 2016-2020. 

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