Celebrating Our Donors


Each year, thousands of people from across Ontario donate to TVO. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a big difference supporting impactful digital learning resources and in-depth current affairs.

TVO Celebrating Our Donors

Leadership Circle 

Members of TVO's Leadership Circle donate $1,000 or more—support that makes an impact and helps shape how Ontarians learn. This year, more than $725,000 was donated by our Leadership Circle members, and we are honoured to recognize them for their generous support.

$25,000 – $99,999

Stephen Smith & Diane Blake

The Barry & Laurie Green Family Charitable Trust

Rosamond Ivey

David Allan & Cynthia Young

$15,000 – $24,999

Dave Samuel & Cindi Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Robert & Francine Barrett

Nancy Leclerc
Anonymous (1)

$5,000 – $14,999

William Armour
Donald & Sylvia Claydon
Jackie Collings
John & Judith Grant
Lynn Hardy
Kathryn Kennedy
Diane King
Jill Kitchen

The Tom & Ruth Kritsch Family Foundation
Leslie & Sandra Lawrence
Mona Levenstein
Edward & Elizabeth Richardson
Green Sanderson Family Foundation
C. Van DeGraaff
Anonymous (1)

$1,000 – $4,999

Maureen & Joseph Asselin
Robert & Wendy Atkinson
Karen Banner
Robert & Dorothy Baragar
Paul & Carol Barber
William E. Barnett
Isabel Bassett
Kenneth Batt
Laura Beattie
Penelope Bell
Jeanne Bergevin-Vollebekk
Erika Biro
Bruce Sugden & Annique Boelryk
Dr. Sandra Booth
Sandra Boswell
Mac Bradden
Marilyn Brebner
Steven Brouse
Edward & Nancy Brown
Gwen Brown
Phyllis & James Brown Family Fund
Darrol & Susan Bryant
Thomas Bunker
Bruce & Edda Burchart
Alice M. Burton
Elizabeth Campbell
Connie Carter
M. A. Catford
Anne Chan
Stephen Chan
Barbara & Paul Clifford
Gisele Cline
Rob Clocchiatti
Barb & Cody Cooper
Chris & Susan Corbin
Beverley Corsini
Donna Crockett
Sheila Croft
Joan Crowe
George & Wendy Cuthbert
Jo-Anne Poirier & Dave Darch
Chris Day
Ghi Dean
Bev & Jane Dekay
Juergen Dingel
Deirdre Doherty
Joan & Vern Dutrisac
Maureen Dwyer
Lynn Eakin
Nermine Elgammal
E. Louise Estwick
Gerald Fahy
David Feeny
Russell Finch
Rita D. Fjarlie
John & Alda Futhey
Mary Ann Gallacher
Linda Gellner
Zeena George
Harold Giles
Bruce D. Gill
Margaret E. Gillespie
Risa Gluskin
Philip Gosling
Suzanne Graham
Bill & Nancy Gray
E. L. Gray
Frank & Leigh Greaves
Elizabeth Greville
Lorne Griffith in memory of Rachile Griffith
Franklyn Griffiths
Joanne & Fred Groch
June Gurvich
Wolfgang Hagenhofer
Hugh Halliday
Shirley Hayhurst
Nona Macdonald Heaslip
Vic & Marion Hepburn
Peter A. Herrndorf
April & Norbert Hoeller
Elspeth Hogg
Catherine Holmes
David & Mariella Holmes
Carol Holtzer
Malcolm Hurrle
Gayle Hyatt
Jean Innes
Mildred Jackson
Don Jackson
Doug Jamieson
Russell Jones
Donald Jordan
Francois Jubinville
Robert Slater & Karen Junke
Audrey Kenney
Andrew Kenyon
W. Robert Keyes
W.C. Kitchen Family Foundation
Martin Kuhn

Mr. J. Laughton

Beverley A. Leaman

Donald Lee

Michael P. Leo

Louise Leonard

Susan G. Levesque

Jocelyne Leyton-Matthews

Geraldine Lloyd

Sandi MacCulloch

Maria Maingot-Douketis

Kerry Marshall

Donna Mayor

Robin P. McComb

Elizabeth McDonald

John McKellar

Susan McLeod

Don McMurtry

Helen McNeely

The Merryweather Fund

Marlo Miazga

Barbara Millar

Doug & Saundra Moffatt

Thomas Moon

David G. Moore

Helen Moore

Alice J. Morgan

R. Moriyama

George Morrison

William Motz

Susan Muir

Robert Muraska

James O. Murray

W. Danial Newton

Robert Nixon

Constance Nozzolillo

Brian O'Malley

Marnie & Larry Paikin

William Park

Gerald Parowinchak

Lisa Ray Philpott

Ronald Pilfrey

Charlotte Danard & Don Plewes

Klaus Pohle

Brian Power

John C. Power

Charles Price

Helen Price

Cecelia Quarrington

Graham & Marlene Roberts

Joseph & Miriam Rogers

Lynn Romagnoli

David Ross

Kathryn Rumbold
Geoff Rytell
William & Joyce Saint
Mary Saso
Elke Schaettgen
Marlies Schlichting
The Schwartz Family, Ottawa
Heather Sheehan
John Sinclair
Tom A. Skinner
Matthew Smith
Anne Smith
Kyung Min Son
Jullie-Ann Sparks
Anne Spencer
Janet Speth, CSJ
Katherine Sproule
Catherine Steele
Victoria Steele
Dr. Della Stanley
Gerald Sutton
Valerie Tait
Nancy P. Taylor
John Taylor
Martin Taylor
Wally Teska
Jenny Thomson
Gerard Traynor
Mary Jo Turner
Maria Urbanski
Elvira Vali
Max Wagg
Richard & Mary Ellen Walker
The Norman & Mary Warner Fund
J. Watson
F. Jean Wheeler
George Whetham
Larry Williamson
R. M. Wintle
Jane Witherspoon
Morden Yolles
Bernard Zelechow
Margo & Bob Zimmerman
Thomas Van Zuiden
Tedd Zurbrigg
Anonymous (27)

TVO Telethon Surpasses Goal

Broadcast on October 17–18, 2020, the TVO Telethon was a huge success thanks to our sponsors and donors. Raising over $250,000, the telethon far surpassed our original goal of $150,000.

We are grateful to our telethon sponsors TD and Greenwin, and our matching donors The Barry & Laurie Green Family Charitable Trust, Diane Blake & Stephen Smith, and Birch Hill Equity Partners.

Thank you to our major gift donors Diane Blake & Stephen Smith; Mr. David Allan & Ms. Cynthia Young; Rosamond Ivey; The Barry & Laurie Green Family Charitable Trust; Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Francine Barrett; and Nancy Leclerc.

TVO Telethon - Promo

TVO Celebrating Our Donors

Ontario Hubs Leadership Donors 

TVO is telling more local stories than ever through Ontario Hubs—stories that reflect the lives and experiences of people across our immense province. We are grateful to everyone who has supported this project since its launch in 2017.


Gordon Barnes
Goldie Feldman

David Green
The Barry & Laurie Green Family Charitable Trust

$25,000 – $99,999

Stephen Smith & Diane Blake

Green Sanderson Family Foundation

The Pace Family Foundation - Al Pace & Kristin Morch

$15,000 – $24,999

Francine & Robert Barrett Fund at Toronto Foundation

$5,000 – $14,999

William E. Barnett
Grace Laura Daw
Lynn Hardy

Diane King
Jane M. Wilson

$1,000 – $4,999

Robert & Wendy Atkinson
Paul Beeston
Thomas Bunker
Stephen Chan
Barbara & Paul Clifford
George & Wendy Cuthbert
Russell Finch
John & Judith Grant
Elizabeth Greville
June Gurvich
Anne & Teunis Haalboom
Vic & Marion Hepburn
April & Norbert Hoeller
Mildred Jackson
Donald Jordan

Malcolm King
Nancy Leclerc
Mona Levenstein
Ken & Helen Lister
Joan McGeachy
Alice J. Morgan
R. Moriyama
William Motz
Marnie & Larry Paikin
Klaus Pohle
Anne Smith
Martin Taylor
Elvira Vali
Kathy Vey
Anonymous (5)

Ontario Hubs – Driven by Donors

The Hubs are made possible by philanthropic gifts from the Barry and Laurie Green Family Charitable Trust, Goldie Feldman, and the generosity of thousands of TVO supporters.

In 2020, for the second time, TVO was grateful to the Barry and Laurie Green Family Charitable Trust, and Goldie Feldman, for their commitment to match all donations in support of Ontario Hubs up to $500,000. This gave the TVO philanthropy team the opportunity to implement an integrated, multi-platform fundraising campaign that resulted in TVO raising more than $550,000 from over 5,000 donors. Combined with the matching contribution from the Barry and Laurie Green Family Charitable Trust, and Goldie Feldman, that resulted in over $1 million raised for the Ontario Hubs initiative this year.

“The Ontario Hubs initiative has proven to be an effective platform that has allowed TVO to connect with many new voices across the province. Going forward, now more than ever, we need to be there for each other.”

Barry Green, Lead Donor, Ontario Hubs

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